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Commodore Perry In The Land Of The Shogun

Commodore Perry In The Land Of The Shogun


Details Commodore Matthew Perry's role in opening Japan's closed society to world trade in the 1850s, one of history's most significant diplomatic achievements.
Are you looking to pick a book? You may want to read Commodore Perry In The Land Of The Shogun by Rhoda Blumberg. Written by Rhoda Blumberg and it was published sometime in January of 2003 by HarperCollins. The book is 144 pages long and it is packed with black and white pictures. The child's book also highlights Foreign relations. It's 0.52"H x 10.42"L x 8.6"W. It weighs close to 1.13 lbs. To find the best bargain for this child's book along with other items, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button below.


Model: FBA-|287900
ISBN: 0060086254
Author: Rhoda Blumberg

For centuries, Japan had isolated itself from the outside planet by refusing to trade with other countries as well as refusing to support shipwrecked sailors, foreign or Japanese. The country's people nevertheless lived under a feudal system like that of Europe in the Middle Ages. But every little thing began to change when American Commodore Perry and his troops sailed towards the Land from the Rising Sun, bringing with them new science and technology, in addition to a new way of life.


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