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Dk Eyewitness Books: Ancient China

Dk Eyewitness Books Ancient China

Ancient China written by Arthur Cotterell is an excellent child's book. The author is Arthur Cotterell and it was published on the 5th of September, 2005 by DK CHILDREN. This is the Rev. ed. of Dk Eyewitness Books: Ancient China is 72 pages long and it offers different colorfully illustrated pictures. To buy a copy at the cheapest price, click on our store button on this site.


Model: 756613825
ISBN: 0756613825
Author: Arthur Cotterell

Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the history from the great Chinese empire and the customs and traditions of its people. Stunning real-life photographs and lifelike models offer a special"eyewitness"view of life in imperial China, from its earliest beginnings in the Bronze Age to its final days inside the early years of the 20th century. Discover why emperors were generally recognized as Sons of Heaven, what sorts of weapons had been employed in early battles, why households worshiped their ancestors, how fishermen utilized bivas to catch fish, and much, significantly more. Learn why the very first Emperor developed the terra-cotta army, what kinds of goods were carried along the Silk Route, who invented paper, how a Chinese home was constructed, why tombs had been filled with pottery figures, and what a civil servant's job entailed. See the stunning bronze function in the ancient Chinese, an early irrigation machine, a set of antique acupuncture needles, the beautiful implements employed for Chinese calligraphy.


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