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Genghis Khan (illustrated Biography)

Genghis Khan

Your children will love Genghis Khan. Written by Demi and it was published sometime in 2009 by Two Lions. The child's book is 53 pages long. The book dimensions are 10" Height x 10" Length x 0.47" Width and weighs approximately 1.3 lbs. For more information about this book, check out the button on this site.

Two Lions

MPN: FBA-|301146
ISBN: 0761455477
Author: Demi

As a boy, Genghis Khan inherited the function of leader after his father's death. His can be a story of courage and survival, sacrifice and death. Based on both background and legend, Demi's classic story takes readers into a planet of battle and victory— and shows why Genghis Khan has gone down in history as the greatest conqueror of all time. The boy who became the great Genghis Khan would take his people from the brink of survival to near-world domination— and lead the biggest empire ever created in the lifetime of one specific man. As a man, he earned it— by fiercely protecting his people, no matter the coxst, and be demanding total loyalty from those he led.


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