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The Great Voyages Of Zheng He

Great Voyages Of Zheng He

Kids love The Great Voyages Of Zheng He. The author is Demi and it was published on the 1st of September, 2012 by Shen's Books. The children's book has 64 pages. The book dimensions are 0.5" Height x 10" Length x 10.2" Width and weighs something like 1.25 lbs. For more information about this child's book, click on our store button.

Shen's Books

ISBN: 1885008457
Author: Demi

Imagine looking out to sea and watching over three hundred gargantuan ships, their flaming red sails caught in the wind, approaching your shore. In this account of Zheng He s amazing life, award-winning author and illustrator Demi recreates the grandeur and enthusiasm of these naval voyages with her signature detailed artwork. What wonders of the planet would be situated on those ships? The admiral of this diplomatic and treasure-gathering fleet was a brilliant and peace-loving man named Zheng He. Over 600 hundred years ago, Emperor Zhu Di of China decided to construct the greatest naval fleet the globe had ever seen to befriend and trade with nations all through Asia and Africa. She introduces us to this larger-than-life figure who dreamed of a globe where the best of mankind was peacefully shared and celebrated, a planet of intellectual growth and religious tolerance, and a globe of everlasting, globally peace. Between 1405 and 1431, Zheng He led seven voyages of the treasure fleets, each bringing a message of friendship and peace between China and the other countries from the world. Through his leadership, these expeditions extended China s influence and brought it great treasures in trade and tribute, creating China the initial world superpower.


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