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Vietnam War Pows (we The People)

Vietnam War Pows

You have got to read a copy of Vietnam War Pows the perfect book by Danielle Smith-Llera. Written by Danielle Smith-Llera and it is published by Compass Point Books. This children's book was available sometime in 2008. The book is 48 pages long. To find the best offer on a copy for this children's book besides other items, visit our affilate link on this site.

Compass Point Books

ISBN: 0756538467
Author: Danielle Smith-Llera

American pilots and soldiers captured all through the Vietnam War faced years of torture and mistreatment. Their food was often nothing at all more than pieces of bread and watery soup filled with rat droppings. During this time, the POWs had been seldom given medical remedy. But in spite of the horrible conditions, the males stuck together and helped each other survive their ordeal. Some from the prisoners of war endured almost nine years of imprisonment, the longest in U. S. history.


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